ZER01 Biennial / SPUR San Francisco: ‘A Peek Behind Silicon Valley’s Digital Veil’

SPUR Urban Center Gallery: A Peek Behind Silicon Valley’s Digital Veil
September 19, 2012 – October 19, 2012
ZER01 Biennial ‘Seeking Silicon Valley’
Artists: Barbara Boissevain, Jennifer Bullock,  Alex Chen,  Daniel Garcia, Michele Guieu, Michelle Oblena, Thomas S Roger.

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I am very excited to be part of this exhibition in San Francisco. 7 photographers give their vision of Silicon Valley. As a newcomer I was very interested to show images linked with high technology and for some of them art and technology. Something, as a multi media artist, I am very interested in.

Here’s the caption I wrote below my photos:
My photos are about places I’ve been to when I first moved to Silicon Valley  two years ago. I did a ‘geek’ tour of all the high tech companies’ campuses including Google, and peeked in Hewlett Packard’s garage alley. Other places define Silicon Valley for me, like the San Jose International airport, where art and technology find a beautiful expression through some amazing public art projects; or my neighborhood library, which has a wonderful graphic tactile table, free to use.
After using SLR cameras for many years, I am now taking photos every day with my iPhone. I am very interested in the ‘point and shoot’ aspect of it and the new possibilities of sharing.

From SPUR exhibition page
The initial thought that often comes to mind upon hearing the word “Silicon Valley” is that of tech booms and electronic empires. However, Silicon Valley offers a depth beyond this that is frequently unseen. In partnership with San Jose’s ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network, SPUR and Hipstamatic invite you to go behind the digital veil with some of the Bay Area’s most skilled photographers as they present their personal interpretation of the theme of the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial, “Seeking Silicon Valley”, a proposal that contemporary art practices can re-imagine the idea, the place and the experience of Silicon Valley.

About the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial
Inviting more than 150 artists from over 13 countries, the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial presents work at the forefront of media art — collaborating with international cultural institutions and iconic Silicon Valley companies to showcase three months of Bay Area exhibitions, events and performances — in museums and galleries, in skywriting above San Francisco, in the streets and storefronts of Silicon Valley, on iPads and smartphones and across the internet.

SPUR Urban Center Gallery
654 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94105-4015

ZER01 Biennial: Seeking Silicon Valley / (E)MERGE

Still photo from ‘The Map’

I am very excited to participate in the ZER01 Biennial in San Jose this year. The theme of the biennial is ‘Seeking Silicon Valley’. One of my videos, ‘The Map’ was selected for the (E)MERGE event.

Two years ago, when I moved to Silicon Valley, I enjoyed the ZER01 2010 Biennial very much. It was an amazing dive into the world of art and technology, it felt like a giant lab. Living here and being part of this enormous energy, I definitely oriented my practice more toward digital images and videos, something that was included in my work when I was living in San Diego, but not as much as now.

I bought an HD video camera and took more “notes” than ever, mostly about my kids’ life in their new surroundings. Making short experimental documentaries has been a fantastic discovery for me and having my two kids available for the journey, a beautiful opportunity to catch some glimpses about childhood.

All the artists and their projects here.

Friday, September 14, 6pm-12am &
Saturday, September 15, 11am-6pmSoFA District / South First Street between San Carlos and Reed
San Jose, CA