Waterwheel e-book launch + World Water Day 2015

(Sip. Do Not Gulp. is page 391 – scroll down after opening the link)

Sip. Do Not Gulp, is part of the Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014 e-book ‘Water Views: Caring and Daring’, which is launched for World Water Day 2015, March 22.

Science, art, ecology, community and youth respond to the theme: ‘Water Views: Caring and Daring.’ An astonishing number and variety of entries – 125 articles & 540 pages – makes this book a rich collection of ongoing work internationally, often with a local focus, on raising awareness and responding to water issues.
450 participants, from 34 countries across 5 continents, interacted with audience ‘live’ on the Internet & in 18 physical venues or ‘nodes’, through Waterwheel, an online platform dedicated to water. The Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium, held 17-23 March 2014, also integrated youth & inter-generational dialogue with the “Voice of the Future” strand.

Download E-book here.
Waterwheel website

Watherwheel online Symposium / Documentation – My series “I Remember” part of “Flood and Drought”

Waterwheel is an amazing platform about one of our most precious resources: water! A few weeks ago, I participated in a great online international event, Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2013. Here’s the documentation page for “Flood & Drought” in which I shown a series of less than a minute videos about my memories of water.

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I Remember – a series of short videos for the Waterwheel World Water Day
WATERWHEEL World Water Day Symposium March 22 & 23

WATERWHEEL World Water Day Symposium March 22 & 23

I am very excited to participate to this unique event, which will happen simultaneously around the world on March 22 and 23. Everyone participating and/or attending will be able to discuss through a well organized online meeting system, where participant will show material (video, photos, diagrams…) and present works about Water Memories and Tomorrow’s landscapes.

I will show “I Remember”, a series of short videos (less than one minute each) of memories I have about water.  The footage and photos were taken at different locations through the years: Mauritania, Senegal, Yellowstone National Park, Oregon, Vallée des Merveilles, San Diego. Water is an important part of my life – I always lived closed to an ocean, a sea or a river. My father being a geologist and my mother a biologist, water was the subject of many discussions in our family and I learned at a very early age to love and respect it.

March 22 & 23
Info & Program
Press Release
24-hour non-stop with more than 100 scientists, artists & activists from 5 continents presenting, and interacting with people online, and in nodes in Australia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, USA and Argentina.

TO VIEW the Symposium LIVE ONLINE March 22 and 23: open your browser – with the latest flash plug-in installed – and go to  http://water-wheel.net/tap  and click the top-most Symposium link.

Convergence/Divergence at Los Medanos College, CA – curated by Suzon Fuks

video selected: Water System (4:48)

I am very excited to participate in the group exhibition Convergence/Divergence. Water is a subject I always have been interested in. The video I submitted for this exhibition was filmed last summer in France and is about children explaining the water system they constructed for their small shack in the country.

From Waterwheel Blog:
“All waters converge at the delta, carrying traces of their journeys: sometimes polluted by people and industries, sometimes scarce due to physical constraints or drought, sometimes overflowing, flooding, affected by climate change.
Divergence occurs in the responses to these matters, which are not always for the common good!
The numerous proposals from around the world received for this exhibition show how artists, increasingly concerned about environmental issues and human ethics, propose to raise awareness and engage dialogue across cultures and disciplines.”
Suzon Fuks, curator

The Women Environmental Artists Directory (WEAD) is pleased to announce a significant contemporary eco-art exhibition at the Los Medanos College Art Gallery in Pittsburg CA.
The exhibition will run from Tuesday Nov 6 through Dec 13, 2012 – now prolonged to the end of January 2013.
with an Opening Reception on Thursday Nov 15 from 4 pm – 7 pm.
Gallery hours are daily from 12:30 – 2:30 pm & 4 – 6 pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Read more about the show in the WEAD website here.

A blog post by artist Sonja van Kerkhoff.

A video of the show here.