“Une Vie, Un Arbre”: Collages for the exhibition of mail art in Vienne, France

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9 collages on envelopes

Today I’ve sent 9 envelopes (9×12″ – 23x31cm) to the French nonprofit organization “Une vie un Arbre” which organizes each year an exhibition of mail art: “Festival d’Art Postal” in Vienne, France. The envelopes are for sale and the money goes to help children who are very ill.
The series I have sent is made of torn pieces of tissue paper and origami paper.

My friends Eric Meyer and Ivan Sigg have sent envelopes that you can see on their blogs. They will be special guests and present at the exhibition in Vienne, along with Christiane Berti, Sylvie Graindorge, Agnès Lachard, Evelyne Lanno, Eni Looka, Mariette.

More information about the association here (in French).

L’Association “Une vie, un arbre”
Festival d’art Postal
23, 24 et 25 mars 2012 à Vienne (Isère), France.

Nonprofit organization “Une Vie, Un Arbre”
Mail Art Festival
March 23, 24 & 25, 2012
Vienne, France.

See the envelopes I’ve sent in 2011 here.
The envelope I’ve sent in 2009 here.