Weaving colored paper (this session with the 3rd graders)

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One session – one hour
Material: strings of colored paper. Glue stick. Scissors.
The strips are ready when the session starts [I use the cutting machine at school]. I need to have lots of strips in all the different colors. At the end of the session, I give to the students the leftovers to make a project at home if they wish. For this project each student will need approximately 16 strips (1/2 inch large).

I explain what we are going to do by showing them 2 or 3 examples.
I show them the strips we are going to use, we talk about the choice they have: patterns, choice of random colors, “theme” colors like Fall, bright ensemble, subdued, etc. The choice is open. With 10 colors available, the possibilities are endless.

I ask the students to come into small groups to chose the colors they want to use. I propose 10 colors. They can pick as many colors as they want. They pick 16 strings (8 will be used vertically, 8 [divided by 2] will be used horizontally).

They start with 8 strings that they position vertically and glue at the tip. They can create a pattern or have a random organization with the colors.

Once the vertical strips are well glued, they can start weaving with one horizontal string. They have to push it up to make the weaving tight. Then they go on with the other strings. Once they used the 8 strings horizontally, they cut them in half and use the 8 more half to weave more.

When the last string is positioned at the bottom, put some glue directly at the bottom of the page and press the weaving on top.

If they want, the students can make another project when they are done with the first one.

This project is a good opportunity to see interesting things with rhythm and organization of colors. As always in the exercises I propose, the students have choices, can make decision and find solutions on their own.