Waterwheel Symposium with the 4th and 5th grade students presenting their projects about water

March 21, Cumberland Elementary, Sunnyvale, CA.
The student from a 4th and 5th grade combo class presented two projects about water during the WATERWHEEL World Water Day online symposium. Waterwheel is a platform where scientists, artists and youth from around the world share their studies, art work and thoughts about water.

4th and 5th grade Students presenting a series of waterscapes from around the Bay area.

The series is about waterscapes around the Bay Area: the Pacific coast and the San Francisco Bay.
See lesson about California Landscapes here:

Part I – Drawing.
Part II – Watercolor.

4th and 5th grade students presenting a series of posters made on their iPads with the app PosterMaker.

The series is about water conservation awareness in the midst of the severe drought California is going through right now.
See how to make posters with Poster Maker here.
Waterwheel platform here.