ART TREK summer camp at Montalvo Arts Center

June 22-26, 2015. Art Trek is about going outdoor to sketch (in the Italian Garden, the Phelan Garden, the Redwood forest, along the Lookout trail); and to come back to the studio to paint, using different techniques like tempera, dry pastels, watercolor inks. Every day I take pictures during the walks, that I print and bring the following day to study in the studio. This year Art Trek was taking place at the Barn Studio which is the perfect place for a group of young artists who love nature!

ART TREK: A one week summer camp at Montalvo Arts Center

Each day the students explore Montalvo’s beautiful grounds, get inspired by nature and choose things to observe and draw – things we may not take the time to usually pay attention to, like the pattern of a bark, the shape of a cone, a rock, a leaf. I take photos during the walk that I bring back printed the following day. Back to the outdoor studio the campers use different techniques to paint/draw some of the things we saw during our walks.

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Day 1
Outdoor studio: The students walked around and gathered leaves, twigs, cones, lichen and drew them. Decaying leaves are wonderful to draw!
Hiking around: Sketching one of the magnificent trees on Montalvo Grounds. I asked the students to ask me when they wanted to take a photo of something they were interested in and then I printed the images and brought them back the following day.

Day 2
Hiking around: sketching in the Phelan Cactus Garden.
Outdoor studio: watercolor and black oil pastel from photos taken the previous day.

Day 3
Hiking around: Sketching in the Redwood forest, on the Redwood Trail. At the top of the Lookout trail, embracing the view on the valley!
Outdoor studio:
Starting working on black paper with dry pastels, from photos taken the previous day in the Phelan Cactus Garden.

Day 4
Hiking around: A short hike to start the morning. Using a viewfinder, sketching from the top of the Orchard Trail: view on the artists residencies.
Outdoor studio:

Day 5
Outdoor studio:  Painting from photos taken in the Redwood forest. Tempera paint on paper. Preparing a show in the outdoor studio, and gathering all the sketches and drawings in our decorated portfolio.
Montalvo Arts Center