Collage Workshop at Kaleid Gallery

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The workshop took place Tuesday, February 21, on the occasion of Two Bucks Tuesdays at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose.
The workshop was open to anyone and free, from 7 to 10pm.
I brought a stack of white cardstock paper (5.5″ x 7.5″), bright colored origami paper, tissue paper, liquid Liquitex matte medium, brushes, scissors and rags.

The workshop was about experimenting freely with transparencies, superpositions and play with colors. I showed some examples, like how to work a background first and to finish with a black element. People could make as many collages as they wanted to.

On the table, there were photos of landscapes – for inspiration (if needed!). Photos are great to start a collage. See “Interpretation of a landscape“, workshop I did with a class of 5th graders.