Art+Science: Forces and Motion (2nd grade) session 2: Gravity Painting

Arts Integration Residency with Montalvo Arts Center

Session 2 – Gravity Painting
Tempera paint on paper

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–gravity force, friction
art – primary colors, secondary colors, abstract, process

Science Curriculum
Gravity is a pulling force. Motion is the act of moving.

material: cardstock paper, tempera paint (primary colors and secondary colors)
video: about gravity work by new York artist Holton Rower.

How it works

1. We watch a short video (3mn) of New York artist Holton Rower, who works with gravity.

2. I give a short demo about the process we are going to use, which implies no use of tool, just the force of gravity.

3. The students experiment with the process.

4. Group discussion at the end of the session: we talk about abstract art and how it is open to interpretation. We talk about what we were seeing in the paintings. The students share their experiments/thoughts about gravity and paint, we comment the different results in front of us. We talk about the factors which matters when there is friction: in this case fluidity of the paint and smoothness of the paper.

5. After the art class the students write a few words about their experience.