Lines and patterns with a fish

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Exercise shown here with a class of 4th graders – adaptable to more grades.

This first exercise is about lines and patterns. Each student gets a photo of a fish: this is a base for observing special shapes, for looking at proportions and for inspiration. One important step is that each student has to ‘take some time’ to observe the photo before starting drawing.

Time: 2 one hour session (at each student’s pace)

– watching a short power point about the exercise in which I detail the technique we will use.
– observing a black and white photo of a fish (a different one for each student), looking at the main lines: body, fins, tail.
– tracing the main lines with a pencil on the Bristol.
– Re-tracing with a black Sharpie.
– adding different types of patterns with the black Sharpie inside the lines.
– coloring (total or partial – optional).
– cutting the fish and positioning/gluing it on the colored Canson sheet.

1/2 letter size black and white contrasted prints of different fish (one per student)
12″x18″ white Bristol sheets
12″x18″ bright colored Canson mi-teintes sheets
Pencil, eraser
Fine point black Sharpies
colored pencils (optional)
scissors, liquid glue, brush for the glue, containers for the glue, rags, recycled paper (protects the table while applying the glue on the back of the fish).