Lines (oil pastel) and colors (liquid watercolors) with a Butterfly

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Exercise shown here with a class of 4th graders – adaptable to more grades.

Time: 2 x one hour session (at each student’s pace) – including a 15mn set up time.

It’s getting messy!
The tries are made on smaller pieces of paper. See the post about this here. Because the pace is different for each student, after some of them finished their butterflies, they could chose to do another butterfly or to make more tries on the smaller paper. The tries had a lot of success!

– watching a short power point about the exercise in which I detail the technique we will use.
– Taking the time to observe a black and white photo of a butterfly (a different one for each student), looking at the main lines: body, wings.
– tracing the main lines with a pencil on the watercolor paper. Making the butterfly as big as possible, and tracing not too many details.
– Re-tracing with a black oil pastel.
– trying the black pastel + watercolor technique on a piece of light watercolor paper.
– coloring the butterfly using liquid watercolors, brushes and water.

1/2 letter size black and white contrasted prints of different butterflies (one per student)
12″x18″ white Watercolor sheets
Pencil, eraser
Black oil pastels
liquid Watercolors – 6 colors
brushes, containers for the watercolors and water, rags, newspaper for the tables.