Art+Science: Forces and Motion (2nd grade) session 1: Blow Painting

Arts Integration Residency with Montalvo Arts Center

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Session 1 – Blow Painting
Watercolor ink on paper

: push force, pipette
art: primary colors, abstract, representational

Science Curriculum
The way to change how something is moving is by giving it a push or a pull. The size of the change is related to the strength, or the amount of force, of the push or pull.

material: all media paper, watercolor inks (primary colors), straw, cups and pipettes, paper plates.

How it works
1. I give a short demo.

2. The students used the “push” force to make the watercolor ink move on the paper. We used the primary colors, and the students got all the color combinations in between. There are several ways to make the ink move on the paper. The position of the body is important – we can blow parallel to the paper or on top of it and the force is not the same. When we blow parallel to the paper the ink make a path and can go far, depending on the intensity of the blow. When we blow above the paper, the force hit the paper: we get fine lines going in multiple directions. We can blow with or without a straw and the results are different too.

3. Group discussion. Looking at all the pieces on the floor, the students talk about the artistic aspects and the scientific aspects of the exercise.