Schools Going Green Workshop, Sunnyvale & Cupertino

I was invited by Jackie Davison, Environmental Outreach Coordinator at the Environmental Services Department in Sunnyvale to teach a workshop for middle school and high school students at Fair Oaks Park. I brought some trash collected on the beach in Santa Cruz and trash collected during a coastal cleanup. Jackie Davison brought trash collected around the schools.

The students who came are organizing School Go Green clubs in their schools, which is really awesome! They are interested in techniques to spread the word about recycling, consuming less plastic.

I proposed to them a technique they can apply to posters (image + message).

– Students work on a flexible composition with elements – in this case trash (no glue)
– they take a photo
– they upload the photo in  the app. PicCollage (free) and add text
– they save the version of the poster
– they can change the composition and/or the text and save another version of their poster, etc.
It is a great exercise, where multiple versions can be save, elements and text can be changed. The posters can be share on social media.

I am interested to further this collaboration and teach this workshop on campus with these awesome motivated students!

Thrones of an Enchanted Land summer camp at Montalvo

June 22-26 at the Barn Studio, Montalvo Arts Center.
It was a great week spent in a wonderful setting, with the Thrones camp in the morning, Art Trek camp in the afternoon. I did this camp for the first time this year. I had collected some chairs through Craig’s list and FreeCycle and the campers each had one. The material for this camp is not complicated: chairs, lots of wire, newspapers and white liquid glue, paint. The camp was amazingly calm, it was not too hot and the campers worked very well in the time frame they had (3 hours per day). The transformation of the chairs was great to watch. I had helpers including my son Milo and it was very much needed as two of the chairs were large stools and took along time to cover with the newspapers. Also there was some power tools work involved and the campers were not doing it. I love the result and the collection of thrones the campers came up with.

ART TREK summer camp at Montalvo Arts Center

June 22-26, 2015. Art Trek is about going outdoor to sketch (in the Italian Garden, the Phelan Garden, the Redwood forest, along the Lookout trail); and to come back to the studio to paint, using different techniques like tempera, dry pastels, watercolor inks. Every day I take pictures during the walks, that I print and bring the following day to study in the studio. This year Art Trek was taking place at the Barn Studio which is the perfect place for a group of young artists who love nature!

Wishing Tree summer camp at Montalvo Arts Center

June 15-19, 2015. A week at the Barn Studio, with a group of 6-9 year old campers in the morning and a group of 9+ in the afternoon. A camp inspired by the nature surrounding us at Montalvo. The idea is to make things that are suspended in the trees, we can make wishes and tell our wishes, or not. Mobiles and banners are playful and colorful. There is a tinkering table with all sorts of material that the campers are welcome to use any time. Every day a technique is added and then the camper can choose what he/she wants to do/create.”
The recycled material we used in this camp comes from RAFT San Jose.

The Water Project featured at ArtSplash 2015 at Montalvo Arts Center

The Water Project was featured during ArtSplash, at Montalvo Arts Center. The Plastic Monster is made of nearly 500 plastic jugs and plastic water bottles that the kids, some friends of mine and I gathered at home. They contained milk or juice. The students were surprised by the amount they gathered. Knowing that in the end only a small percentage of plastic we consume is recycled and that tons of it goes to the ocean.