‘Time Capsule’, a sight and sound collaborative piece / The Billboard Art Project in Richmond, VA

An image from “Time Capsule

April 2 – April 29
The Billboard Art Project in Richmond, VA
Collaborative Piece Maria Dumlao and Michele Guieu

From the BAP website: On weekends, the 2012 Richmond Billboard Art Project schedule will include a Sight & Sound show, featuring works with an audio component that runs simultaneously with the imagery. Viewers can tune in to the short-range FM signal, which is audible within a radius of 150 feet of the billboard. We will be broadcasting off of 105.1 FM on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 12 a.m., 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. These shows will also be podcast. For complete information about this project and its participants, please download this pdf.

Maria Dumlao and I created a special piece for the Billboard Art Project show in Richmond taking place during the month of April 2012. We created a series of images (the rhythm of the images displayed on the billboard is 10sec per image) and a soundtrack. The length of our piece is 8:51.

TIME CAPSULE tells a story of a young woman in post-apocalyptic Richmond, VA. It imagines a world where destruction is inevitable, regrets are mourned, memory serves as the main source of happiness and finding the most basic needs is more difficult than ever. Erin, the protagonist, reminisces about her life before the destruction, describes the urgency of the situation, and demonstrates wisdom as she articulates lessons she’s learned in the end.

Images from ‘Time Capsule’

The piece is made up of a series of still images displayed on an LED billboard and sound broadcast over a short-range FM signal. Visible on I-195 and audible within one mile on FM radio, this site-specific work is experienced best from an abandoned parking lot underneath the billboard.

In “Time Capsule”, Erin talks about a box she and her friends hid at the site of the billboard. Here’s a photo of its content. The box is hidden at the site.

The parking lot where the viewer can stop is the same place where Erin used to hang out with her friends before an untold catastrophe occurred and turned her world upside down. This is the setting of the story. It is also the place where the viewer can find the box that Erin and her friends hid at the site – at the bottom of the billboard itself. The GPS coordinates are given at the end of her story.

The project is a collaboration between Maria Dumlao and Michele Guieu that began during the Billboard Art Project “Sight and Sound Weekend Residency” in January 2012. Both artists have participated individually in previous Billboard Art Project’s shows in 2011.

Erin’s voice: Morgan Fleisch

Here’s the list of the special collaborative projects created for the Sight and Sound show in Richmond:
‘Patterns of (missed)communication’
By Monica Carrier (visual) & Leah Rico (sound)
‘Time Capsule’

By Michele Guieu (visual) & Maria Dumlao (sound)
‘Drawing Breath (An Ordinary Paradise)’

By Kimberly Witham (visual) & Industry of the Ordinary (sound)

By Alli Miller (visual) & Mike Bodine (sound)
‘Digital Canvas – A Constructive Art Medium’

By Jason Sayner (visual) & Mike Bodine (sound)

By Jason Sayner (visual) & John Dombroski (sound)
‘Journey Through Broken’

By Laura Zaylea (visual) & Andrew Thomas (sound)

By Claire Accardo (visual) & Jennifer Rarick (sound)
‘Then and Now and Everything in Between’

By Rachael Gorchov (visual) & David Morrison (sound)

By Industry of the Ordinary (visual & sound)

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