Species Encounter: Dive in!


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SubZERO festival San Jose, CA – South First Street – June 6 and 7 – from 6 pm to midnight Interactive installation in collaboration with videographer Drew Detweiler. I am interested in having people interact with the pieces I create … Continue reading

Species Encounter: a short video by Francis Estrand-Cartier


This video presents Species Encounter, the interactive installation I created for SubZERO festival in San Jose in 2013. Species Encounter has subsequently been presented at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz during the GLOW festival, the Innovation … Continue reading

Species Encounter: Dive in! A Special Collaboration with Drew Detweiler for SubZERO festival


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SubZERO festival San Jose, CA – South First Street – June 6 and 7 – from 6 pm to midnight I am very excited to collaborate with video artist Drew Detweiler for this year’s version of Species Encounter at SubZERO. … Continue reading

Sip. Do Not Gulp. Panel Discussion: Lush Lawns and Delicious Dinner: How California’s Habits are about to change.

Wednesday, February 26, 7 p.m, de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CA.

At a moment when California’s water situation is of heightened concern, and the interconnectedness of food and water is at the center of the discussion, four experts come together to share their thoughts on the State’s condition. Jackie Davison, Outreach Coordinator in the Environmental Services Department at the Water Pollution Control Plant in Sunnyvale; Masie Ganzler, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Bon Appetit Management Company; Ed Maurer, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering at Santa Clara University; and Joe Morris, Morris Grassfed Beef discuss the impact California’s water shortage has on a personal and local level, and offer their perspectives on what the State’s future might hold. Programmed in conjunction with Sip. Do Not Gulp., on view through March 16, this program speaks to artist Michele Guieu’s commitment to engaging the community through her work.

The de Saisset Museum
500 El Camino Real,
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Species Encounter at Art of Innovation within the Global Innovation Summit

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 6–10pm, San Jose Convention Center, downtown San Jose, CA.

Species Encounter is an interactive installation in which the participation of the public is essential. Visitors are invited to walk behind a large screen lit by colored LED lamps and play on the screen with the shapes I created for the project. Visitors can enjoy the installation from inside (making the shapes move) and/or from outside (watching).
Species Encounter was part of the GLOW festival at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz last Fall and part of SubZERO festival in June 2013.

Anno Domini Gallery presents an eclectic evening of San Jose’s arts and culture at the Global Innovation Summit + Week.

40+ artists, performers, musicians plus hundreds of conference attendees from 50 countries around the globe!

Participating Artists / Performers
Frank Aguilar / sculpture, Brandon Anderton / painting, Arcade by SJSU Game Dev, Art Alive Gallery by Trina Merry / installation, Becca’s Studio / crafts, Ytai, Ben-Tsvi / IOIO Plotter, Bingus Pingus Art / crafts, David Canavese Art / sculpture, Classic Loot / vintage jewelry, Jean Davis / paintings, Drew and Barb / fashion & jewelry, Force 129 / paintings, Michele Guieu / Species Encounter, Andre Hart / paintings, Jeff Hemming / paintings, Al Linke / LED Pixel Art, Jason McHenry / drawings, Mejia Arts / drawings & henna, Mariya Milovidova / drawings & fashion, Minou / paintings, LauruS Myth / paintings, Noise Furniture / urban upcycling, Gianfranco Paolozzi / mixed media, Poet Laureate David Perez / The Poetry Site, Steven Reece / pyropaintings, Seeing Things Gallery / paintings & zines, Slave Labor Graphics / indie comics, Geoffrey Smith II / GIS photo booth, South Bay Circus Arts, TechShop San Jose, Tim Thompson / Space Palette, Visual Confections / jewelry.

Live Music
SCLOrk /Santa Clara University Laptop Orchestra, Freya Seeburger / cello, ShovelMan / junkyard beatnic, Haptic Synapses / improv electronic.

The Global Innovation Summit is a major gathering of leading entrepreneurs, executives, scientists, inventors, venture capitalists, journalists, investors, policy makers, social entrepreneurs, and innovation thought leaders from 50 countries. The Global Innovation Summit is the anchor event for Global Innovation Week. The Art of Innovation event will be the closing party for all conference attendees, and open to the public. Free admission.

Hosted and sponsored by the City of San Jose, Global Innovation Summit and Anno Domini.